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Educational buildings include offices, warehouses, classrooms, Playing areas, a swimming pool, cafes, and restaurants. These are often referred to as multi-use or mixed-use buildings.

Through the integration of sensors and other devices, a commercial solution can enhance safety and security. In particular, commercial buildings require safety and security systems, such as access control systems, security alarm systems, CCTV systems, etc. When an intruder is detected, the management staff is notified.

Measurements that ensure security are essential to the process of obtaining a license to operate a business. The purpose of this policy is to maintain the property’s safety and prevent any violent or criminal activity. Consequently, having CCTV cameras throughout the building, both inside and outside is viewed as a fundamental life-saving feature. We provide comprehensive indoor and outdoor building security solutions, including Fire Alarm Systems and Access Control Systems. Our team is aware that every business is different, which is why we customize security systems.

Commercial security cameras are integrated with other technologies, such as commercial access control and alarm systems, to provide you with complete control over who enters and leaves your property. We are committed to the security of your building.

A Public Address System is part of the security solution, providing 360-degree music throughout the commercial area, yet in an emergency situation, Public Address System can serve as an emergency broadcast system, as it is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system, which includes a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeakers, which allows people to address a large audience wherever they are.

Commercial intercom systems are essential to the security of commercial buildings. Installing a wireless intercom in your commercial building allows occupants to easily communicate with visitors, manage deliveries, and control access. 

Intercom systems with smart features can also be integrated with iPhone and Android mobile devices, enabling commercial property managers to control access remotely. Our company provides video door entry systems, audio and IP video door entry through partnerships with the most reliable brands in the industry: Auta, Elvox and Kocom Intercom.

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. It is estimated that LED lighting products produce light that is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

LEDs emit visible light when an electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. Due to the higher efficiency of diode light compared to filament light, LEDs consume significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Light-emitting diode flood lamps use only 11 to 12 watts while producing a light output comparable to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. Gila Electric is the exclusive agent for OPPLE lighting that ensures the lighting provides Lux Study Lighting, where we can design and develop the lighting and the degree of illumination.

Lighting is an integral part of the retail experience since it is a powerful tool for setting the mood and can also be used to draw attention to highlighted products. There are four types of lighting used in a retail environment: Ambient, Task, Accent, and Decorative.

Gila offers a variety of lighting options that can be tailored to suit any setup and décor

  • Slim
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Solis
  • Led

A building’s electrical system consists of a network of conductors and equipment which carries, distributes and converts electrical power from the point of generation to the various nodes around the building which use up said power. We have 130 years of experience in the field of power electric panels.

Through our partnership with Schneider, we are able to provide low-voltage panels using Distribution Boards.

Prisma iPM

  • Type tested- panels according to IEC- 61439
  • Optimized and tested solution for IEC 61439 compliant LV switchboards up to 4000 A, Icw 100kA rms/1s


  • Routine tested panels – according to IEC- 60529
  • The specified switchboard is designed, built and tested according to the IEC 60529
  • Up to 6300A main busbar with 85 lcw (KA/1s)


  • Distribution and motor control switchboard up to 6300A
  • Part of Set Series High dependability LV distribution and motor control switchboard type tested and compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 busbar rating up to 6300A

It goes without saying that the wiring devices that carry the electrical currents are an important component of a complete electrical integration; this is also true for other electronic devices that serve as connection or control points for electrical circuits.

Wiring devices include

  • Convenience plugs and power outlets (plugs and receptacles)
  • Connector bodies and flanged outlets
  • Cover plates
  • General-use switches and dimmers
  • Lamp holders (incandescent, fluorescent, cold cathode, neon, quartz lamps, and others)
  • Lighting control devices
  • Motion sensing and timer switches
  • Receptacles
  • Switch, outlet, FM/TV, blank, and telephone plates
  • Under carpet premise wiring systems

In the commercial and industrial real estate industries, backup power is becoming increasingly important. Whether you are a business owner, landlord, facilities manager, commercial property manager, data center manager, or manage industrial real estate, power outages can severely impact your company’s productivity and result in a reduction in profits. A Schneider UPS is a backup battery that ensures the continuous supply of electricity to a property if the main power is lost.

A UPS can be used in conjunction with a standby generator to provide longer-term backup power. This is due to the fact that a UPS is not designed to provide power for a very long period of time. Typically, UPS units provide backup power for only a few minutes, which is usually sufficient for brief power outages. Furthermore, the use of UPS systems can ensure that the standby generators have sufficient time to switch on and become the main source of backup power when the power goes out.

We are a UPS APC distributor for Schneider Electric VL Galaxy, C-series and Easy UPS. In general, it maintains continuous operation and protects all your systems and data from damage in the event of a power outage. We provide Single Phase UPS & 3 Phase UPS for Data Centers.

Voltage Stabilizer

Stabilizers adjust the voltage level and ensure that the correct range of voltage is supplied. These stabilizers are highly effective in controlling voltage fluctuations that may result from bad wiring, overload, short circuits, or improper grounding. Voltage stabilizers are fundamental for protection of electronic and electrical devices in commercial buildings.

Gila is a proud distributor of Ortea and Himel Voltage Stabilizers.


It should go without saying that standby generators provide power for longer periods of time and that the duration depends on the fuel type and the configuration of the generator.

Although diesel generators are the most popular choice for emergency backup power and standby generators, the maximum amount of time a diesel generator can operate is dependent upon its fuel tank capacity. Our company is an exclusive agent for Mahindra Powerol Diesel Generators with outputs ranging from 5 kVA to 350 kVA; INMOSEL, which ranges from 400 kVA to 650 kVA and is powered by Perkins engines; as well as JUNAILI, which has a range from 10 kVA to 2000 kVA.

An integrated building management system (BMS) provides automated control of energy efficiency and occupant comfort by means of a single digital interface.

Electrical and mechanical systems are monitored and controlled by BMSs, such as lighting and HVAC. In addition, it can integrate services like security, access control, elevators, and safety systems.

Depending on specific application and configuration, a BMS may be known as a:

  • Building automation systems (BAS)
  • Building management and control system (BMCS)
  • Building energy management system (BEMS).

A BMS can be purchased as a complete package or as an add-on to an existing system. Our BMS applications are built on open communication protocols and are web-enabled, allowing for the integration of systems from multiple vendors.

The use of KNX technology and the KNX standard as a platform to automate and control a building’s operational services provides numerous economic, environmental, and user-friendly advantages.

With KNX technology, we can easily integrate a wide variety of smart appliances, systems and functions into both new and existing buildings, such as heating and security systems, air conditioning, lighting systems, energy metering, blinds, windows, facades, and audio/visual systems.


In addition to Peak Demand Monitoring, Current Detection, Network Monitoring, Load Shedding, Smart Metering, Energy Pulse Counting, Data Logging and Visualization, KNX systems provide efficient energy management. KNX systems are fully customized automation systems that allow users to control and automate all integral building functions – including exterior illumination of buildings, energy management, security monitoring, HVAC, multi-media control, water heating, lighting, thermal envelope, and many other functions.

We design and install all commercial KNX systems to optimize all aspects of building operational efficiency, both inside and outside the building. We also use accurate smart-metering, monitoring, and automation of building functions to reduce carbon emissions, improve grid reliability, reduce water and energy consumption, and extend the life of building equipment.

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